My Reading Challenge

I have been challenged to read this year and although I haven't read a ton of books yet, I thought I would compile a list of the books that have really had an impact on my life as a mom, wife and future Pastor's wife, as well as a child of God. I have seen a huge difference in my growth as a Christian when I take in not just the Bible but what other godly people have to say about their own walks with God. So here is a list that just might interest you too!

"From One Ministry Wife to Another" by Susie Hawkins
"Miserly Moms" by Jonnie McCoy
"Disciplines of a Godly Woman" by Barbara Hughes
"Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver
"For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhan
"Though None Go With Me" by Jerry Jenkins
"Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn
"Loving God With All Your Mind" by Elisabeth George
"BabyWise" by Ezzo and Bucknam

I'm currently reading:

"More Love to Thee" by Sharon James
"Having a Mary Spirit" by Joanna Weaver
"Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten" by David Perlmutter

Planning to read soon:

"You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes" by Lisa McKay
"Stepping Heavenward" by E. Prentiss
"Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp
"How Am I Smart?" by Dr. Kathy Koch

These are what I've come up with so far - I'm excited to be reading such good books but I have been finding it easier to read these books instead of reading the most important book of all - God's Word. Reading His Word on a daily basis has been a huge struggle for me and until recently - as in the last week really, I have not been reading it unless I was directed to in church or by my husband. My husband has been trying to encourage me to get in God's Word and I am so thankful that he cares and loves me enough to push me towards faithfully reading. He tried everything - doing devos with me (which was willingly received but it never went beyond that time we spent together) or asking me if I read my Bible that day.

I was reading "Having a Mary Spirit" and it was made clear to me that if I don't read God's Word I am FAILING in my walk as a believer. I don't know what my holdup was exactly. I used excuses to my husband (and to God) such as "I'm too busy" or "I just don't think about it" or "I don't get anything out of it" or "God just doesn't feel close to me." Now I realize how EXCUSISH those reasons are. I know I just made up a word, but it fits! Satan (and sometimes it was all me and my sin nature) seemed to be whispering in my ear all the reasons why IT WASN'T IMPORTANT to read my Bible regularly and how I WOULD GET ALONG FINE in my spiritual walk if I didn't read His Word. EXCUSES! God has been trying to fight this battle for some time but the sinful excuses would always resurface. Even now that I have started to read God's Word every day, I find those excuses trying to pop up in my mind.

I remember when I was growing up that I told my mom that I was too tired to read the Bible at night and how I'm NOT a morning person and my brain doesn't function well enough to read it then anyway. She responded by telling me "What better way to fall asleep then on the pages of God's Word?" I kindof smiled and nodded at my mom then but a couple of nights ago it happened and I remember my mom telling me that and it made me realize that my attitude has changed. I know now that God has been "setting me up" to learn the importance of being in God's Word and if I want to grow closer to God at all, I need to listen to HIM. I wish I had learned this lesson a long time ago but I didn't and God chose this time in my life for the Holy Spirit to finally reach inside and open my eyes to it.

I am very thankful that God fights my battles for me and will continue to fight this battle for me. I know it's far from over and will continue to be a battle every day to remember to reserve time to read His Word. But I am becoming more like Christ every day and those battles are easier won.

So even though I encourage others to read good, godly books by godly men and women, I encourage you more to read The Good Book written by a godly God most of all.

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  1. Hey Ann! I didn't know you were blogging!
    Add to your list 'Created to be his Helpmeet' by Debi Pearl.
    When I say she's on the conservative side I'm not even kidding, but it's been a challenging book for me to really ask what my heart in helping my husband is and what areas I'm really abandoning him in....good read.


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