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Today I am trying to knock projects off of my To-Do list. The size of our apartment has been looming in on me and I have made it an endeavor to organize it completely to make use of every space possible. I have re-organized the books and made a DVD list that is alphabetical, sorted by genre and audience. I have made curtain valances for my windows which were a strange size and would not fit any curtain I already possessed. It cheered up the whole place significantly so I made some pillows to match for the living room - all out of material I already had. Yesterday I finished sorting the kids clothes. Here's a picture of my revamped living room. A project that keeps looming its ugly head is organizing my bathroom closet that holds much more than bathroom items. Because it is one of two storage places in our apartment it is a place where EVERYTHING goes! From batteries, to hammers, to towels and rubber duckies. I read my favorite Real Simple magazine (life stops when I receive it in the mail!) and they don't seem to have an organization method for my hodge podge closet. Maybe instead of my closet I will work on updating my large photo collage frame - it doesn't even include my son and the pics of Aimee have her at less than 6 months old. That project sounds like much more fun and the closet can wait for another day! maybe . . .

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  1. It's the end of the day and I didn't get any of my projects done :-/ oh well, there's always tomorrow!


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