Our Perfect Gift to God

It was the best ultrasound I had ever had for one of my children. She jumped and waved and just seemed to be so excited that mommy and daddy could see her! The doctor said everything looks great - healthy baby, healthy mommy makes a doctor happy.

Our memory music box for our little one - Dorema
Four weeks later it was time for another routine check-up. I went by myself since my husband was in seminary and always very busy. He stayed home with the kids and did some homework. The doctor was just going to measure and listen to the heartbeat. Normal check-up.

They couldn’t find the heartbeat. The doctor was not expecting anything wrong. He said at 14 weeks it’s very unlikely I miscarried. I believed him and was calm until my baby came up on the screen and all of a sudden I knew. That sweet beautiful baby we had seen just four weeks prior was no longer bouncing and waving. She was still and nothing was moving. Not even a flutter could be seen. I had seen enough ultrasounds to know that my baby was gone. The doctor muttered something about how he didn’t know what happened and sometimes we don’t know what happened. He left and I wept. I didn’t know I could cry so many tears. . .

To read the rest of our story head on over to Hidden Treasures where I am guest posting for her series about miscarriages. 


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