Woo Your Man: DIY Lovopoly Game

I am re-posting this from last year's Valentine's Day. The original idea came from Love Actually. I found the actual product at Lovopoly.com but at $74.95 I just couldn't do that! Sooo I made my own! And because I made it myself I could personalize it so much more. 

One thing that you need to know is that my hubbie HATES Monopoly! And I know it, but the biggest reason is because it takes forever to play and it doesn't quite fit his attention span. :0) So I wanted to make a game that would be faster than the normal game. I had less properties - only 8 and gave out more money in the beginning. For some reason the game was still too long but I tried! 

I made my own Community Chest cards but called them Piggy Bank cards instead since we rarely have all that much money! The Chance cards I called "Get Lucky" cards (hee hee). Then I personalized the cards to things like "Gave a devotional at a church - Collect $100" and "Sold a Game on Amazon - Collect $20" or "Aimee had to go to the Emergency Room - Pay $200." I made the Jail into "The Doghouse." Now we don't have doghouse jokes in our marriage but for the sake of the game it worked. The Electric Company became "Have a baby - Collect $50 in gifts!" and Free Parking became "Tax Return Day!" Luxury Tax became "Property Taxes Due."  The Railroads became cruise lines since someday we'd like to go on a cruise together. The properties that you purchase were the best part of the game because I personalized it to locations that we really enjoy or have special memories surrounding them. I included Lake Red Rock where we went on dates a lot and where Sam proposed to me. Jordan Creek Mall was our first date and Hickory Park was our defining moment date. I also included a place simply called church because it's our goal to someday have a church to serve - it was the most expensive since we currently are seeking a church for Sam to pastor. 

It was fun to make but it took FOREVER! I used poster board and red cardstock for the board and scrapbooking paper for all of the spots. Measuring all of the pieces out took some time to make sure I didn't have any blank spots. All in all it probably took me about 5 hours to make it. I think it was worth it and Sam DID say that he DEFINITELY liked it more than the regular Monopoly. It will be something that we can remember different memories fondly every time we play. 


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  1. I've got a good mind to make this, Ann! You're so creative! I love your variations. My husband LOVES Monopoly - it's his favorite game, I think. This would be perfect. :-)

  2. I love this idea! So how do you keep track of score? Did you make lovopoly money or do you just keep a checkbook register type score? ;) I'm thinking of making something like this, it sounds like fun! (I think I'll add a few more "fun" spaces that would be kind of like your "Get Lucky" cards :)


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