My Children: The Next Van Goghs

My children are natural artists! It's true!!! I absolutely LOVE their creations! My daughter (who is four) has become an EXPERT colorer (is that a word?).

Aimee's Coloring!
Sorry it's sideways. She decided she didn't want to finish this one because she "messed up" We're still working on her (inherited from me!) necessity for perfection. And this one is from a few weeks ago when we were studying the sun.  

My son on the other hand takes a more impressionistic approach. This is a goat. Can you see it?? I LOVE this one and it will probably find a place in a frame sometime soon! 

Mommy's Favorite colors! Burgundy and Brown! Love! 

And this is his sun! Also frame worthy in my opinion!

I can even see Solar Flares! 

I love to see what they come up with using their imaginations! And LOTS of paint. . . everywhere. I used to really struggle with getting the paint out but after I saw what artists they are - go for it! 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. Wanted to check and make sure that the comment form was working since some had said they were having trouble ;0/

  2. Beautiful! Looks like you have some pretty awesome artistic talent going on in that house! :)I used to love to draw when I was a kid. Actually won a couple of contests for my drawings. Lost my love for it somewhere along the way after high school, but I love looking at other's art!


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