Love Story Part 2

Our Love Story - Sam and Ann

My mind was racing but something inside me told me to be quiet and not worry about it. And of course the thought of "What dad doesn't know won't kill him (or me!)." 

I settled back convinced that it wasn't my fault and still confused as to how this whole thing happened in the first place! It wasn't really a date because he had asked both me and my roommate at the same time! Doesn't count. Then we started talking and talking and talking. . . we didn't stop until suddenly we realized that we were driving out in the country and Sam had missed the turn for the mall. TWENTY minutes later we got back to the turn and laughed about how we had been so distracted as to miss the turn. 

It was a wonderful time! We walked through the mall and barely touched the stores! We were too busy talking and sharing. Honestly, I can't even remember what we talked about only that we never stopped. After going to the mall we were both hungry and we went to a restaurant. But when Sam told the server it was going to be all on one ticket, I somewhat stopped talking. I was not sure what was going on here. I thought we were just friends but this was seeming more and more like a date all the time - just without an official beginning. Not only that, but I was having a fantastic time! He was a great guy and I had never noticed in the three years I had known him just how great. 

Following that date, Sam began to sit with me in classes and at church and people began to notice that something was going on. Then all of a sudden it stopped. Cold turkey. He stopped talking to me, he stopped sitting next to me and I even began picking up on him trying to avoid me. 

I got angry. I was hurt. I was done with him. Within a span of ten days he had grabbed my heart and pulled it toward him and then suddenly like a yo-yo spinning he let me go. That wouldn't happen again. I wouldn't let it. 

To Be Continued. . . 

In HIS Grip, 

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