Life In Our Fishbowl Link-Up and Love Story Part 1

Sam and Ann - Our Love Story
Seven years ago, God set the wheels in motion in a rather unconventional way to bring me and my husband together. I want to share our story with you! 

We were friends, just friends, and very content for it to remain that way too! We attended the same Bible college and we also went to the same church. He was from Illinois, I was from Iowa. First impressions were not positive. He was short and strange, his sense of humor was not entirely funny to me and I would laugh with him but not because I "got" his jokes, I was just being polite. Neither one of us was attracted to each other by any means. Dating each other was VERY far from our minds. 

However, it seemed to be at the forefront of everyone else's minds. Some of my very closest friends were all riding together in a car one night after a college kid get-together at our church and my friends suggested that I should consider Sam. I thought they were ridiculous! After a while of trying to convince me, my friends (including my sister!) were completely shut down by my words "that will never happen, I'm just not interested!"

A summer later I had just started my Senior year at Bible college and I was struggling with my singleness. After my Senior year, I would be going back to no-man's land, quite literally. There would be no men, no Christian men in my little town in Iowa. Friends all around me were getting married or engaged. As far as I could tell, I would forever remain single. That was not okay with me. But there was really nothing I could do about it! 

I was living off campus with my best friend, Hannah who also went to my church. One morning at class, sitting behind me, Sam struck up a conversation and asked if Hannah and I would like to go WITH A BUNCH of people to the mall that night. I said I would, but I would have to ask my roommate if she wanted to go. After returning home, I asked Hannah and found out that she had to work so I called Sam and said that Hannah couldn't come and if he was still planning on going - he said yes and THEY would pick me up. 

Little side note here: My parents and I had decided a long time before this event that we would practice courtship instead of dating. That means that if a young man is interested in me, he will have to ask my dad for permission to date me and really make a commitment to finding out whether or not this person is the one that God has for me or not. Either way whether we got married or broke up the goal was discovering God's plan  for both of us. One of the guidelines for courting was that I would not go out with a man by myself unless the man asked my dad because that was considered to be dating.

Back to the story. That evening, Sam came to my door and we went out to his car and he held the car door open for me. I was a little bit surprised but hey, Bible college boys were nice about holding doors for women so I didn't really think too much about it. I got in the car and realized there was no one else IN the car. Okay. Well, my dad wouldn't really be too happy about this but we're probably just meeting the people at the mall so no big deal. We took off and as we were driving, I asked, "So who else is going to the mall?" Sam simply said as though it was no big deal, "Well, I didn't really ask anyone else." 

Now WHAT? My mind was racing. Here I was somehow ON A DATE with this man. This was not supposed to happen this way. What do I do now? I knew what my dad would want me to do! He would want me to DEMAND that Sam turn around and drop me off back at my house. Either that or demand that Sam drive 2 hours away and ask my dad for permission first. Either one would have been suitable in my dad's eyes. 

To be Continued. . . 

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  1. What a fun story! I cant Wait to read the Rest, please tag me when you put up the rest so I dont miss it ;)

  2. You're so cute! I always thought you guys were perfect for each other! Even if Sam is short and has a weird sense of humor!
    Happy Anniversary a few days early!

  3. Oooo I cannot wait to read the rest! I love hearing *love stories* this is a good one! :}

  4. I am so glad you linked this up! :) I just Love your story!


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