Daddy Daughter Smiles

Daddy is causing this smile!
 My youngest, Emily, is infatuated with her daddy. She can be having a terrible, teething, crabby, fussy, no good day and as soon as daddy walks into her world - all of her worries and concerns fall away.

She does not do this for her mommy however. She loves mommy and I get the smiles and coos and lovings just like a mommy should from her baby. But compared to the smiles and coos that her daddy receives? You would think that mommy was dirt. Her face lights up like a blinking beacon to her daddy. None of my other children did this in this extreme to either one of us before Emily came along. 

Today I was holding my little sweetheart (of course she's still my sweetheart!) and I got a giant huge smile from her and we were giggling and playing and having fun together. And I was thinking to myself how precious it is that Emily looks to her daddy in that way. I may be slightly, a little, okay a LOT jealous of their relationship but I'm glad they have it. 

I was contemplating their relationship and that familiar still small voice whispered to me and said 

"I wish you would desire such a relationship with ME as you do with your daughter." 

This daddy loves his little girl! 
Then it was gone. But the words are forever burned into my heart. Even as I write this, my tears are flowing because I know these are true:

God wants me to look at HIM with adoration.
God wants me to forget all of my cares and concerns when I look to HIM. 
God wants me to reach for HIM when I want to play. 
God wants me to be overjoyed when HE does something amazing.
God wants me to spend time with HIM. 

Because He feels that same way about me. 

Have you spent time with your "Daddy" today? He wants to spend time with you! 

In HIS Grip, 
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  1. Love this. I can toddler says "Da" all the time and loves hanging out with his daddy, and he hardly EVER says "Mama" even though I spend the most time with him! I get jealous of his relationship with his daddy sometimes, but I've realized that we share our little games and inside jokes too. He has stuff he does just with Daddy, and stuff he does just with me. Not sure why he doesn't call me by name, but I'm sure there will come a day when he'll say it so much I'll get sick of it! Or maybe not. In the same way, I look at other people's relationships with God with some envy, like if He's using them in a special way or has blessed them or something. But He does special stuff with each of's nice to know we have inside jokes with God! :o)

  2. I LOVE the photo of her in the bonnet with her Daddy!! Thank you for the nudge towards our Father! And thank you for sharing such encouragement this week!! Blessings to you, Ann, and your household of faith!

  3. I LOVE this post!! And not just because I have two little girls who are smitten with their daddy much like your little one...;)

    But because you are sooo right. What a great perspective. God has really been convicting of this in the past couple of months, too...I have been in tears over it and just realizing how much He loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. It really blows my mind. What an amazing God we serve.

    Thank you for this, such a beautiful, heartfelt post! :)


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