Superhero Cape for my little Superheroes!

My kiddos were driving me CRAZY yesterday. They were underfoot and demanding and yelling and screaming and AHHHH!!!! One of those days let me tell you! I needed a distraction and just playing outside in the perfect weather was not doing it for them.

Bring in Pinterest. Truly! And this is what I found: Superhero capes. Now what child does not want a cape?

I used old maternity shirts because they are wider at the bottom than a men's T-shirt. And I had plenty of maternity T-shirts that I was wanting to get rid of.

And I even had a pink one and a blue one! YES! 

2 minutes later - I had cut along the seams and around the neck band - DONE!

Needless to say - my kids were quite occupied for the rest of the day. Oh the things that a good dose of imagination will do for you! 

In HIS Grip, 
DIY under $5


  1. What a great idea....very creative indeed.

  2. Oh my heavens this is perfect. My little guy is having a super hero party and I wanted to have capes but so did not want to sew a ton or buy a ton at $6.50 a pop. Dollar store ts here I come. Thanks you, thank you!! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  3. Thank you! This is so great! My little guy is going to love this! And I'm going to pin it so I don't forget. Lorie @ Reading Confetti

  4. I love how simple it is to make this. Thanks for a great idea!


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