The Day After Halloween

You already know that I am not a fan of Halloween decorations or going trick-or-treating. One thing I AM a fan of is the after Halloween costume sales! My kids are finally old enough to enjoy dressing up and for Christmas this year, I am going to go crazy and purchase the discounted costumes for a dress-up box for them! Princesses and Cowboys and Batman are on the top of the list.

After Halloween sales are also a GREAT time to pick up that sheep, horse, cow, and angel costumes for your Christmas nativity plays for your church. Trust me, if you want to BUY the costumes at Christmas time, they are REALLY expensive so take advantage after Halloween (or before Halloween for that matter, they are still cheaper!). The animals are the ones that I would rather buy - bathrobes are still the go-to for the shepherds! 

Just a little thought to consider as a POSITIVE spin on Halloween!  

In HIS Grip, 


  1. We've also gathered some very wonderful play outfits over the years. Though, we've found you MUST be at the stores RIGHT after halloween, or all the "good stuff" is gone. ;0)

    Candy is another thing we enjoy purchasing. Though I never buy the stuff with whitches or things on the wrappers. These is when I normally buy discounted candy corn and such...preparing for Thanksgiving and our traditional turkey's and pilgrim hats we make.

    Much Love & Blessings,

  2. Buy candy after Halloween without the halloween decor, and freeze for VBS next Summer. Especially the tootsie rolls and smarties! - Nathan Gast

  3. That's really cool, I never thought about it that way! :)

  4. Great idea Esther - I was thinking about stocking up on the candy corn - now I'll have to make candy a stop. And Nathan - I did NOT know that you could freeze tootsie rolls! Good advice to keep in mind!

  5. I love costumes! Halloween or not. Costumes are awesome...I still make them too.


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