My Miracle Three Year Old

My daughter was six months old and there I was staring at two pink lines on a stick. I couldn't believe my eyes! This wasn't supposed to happen! My husband and I were amazed and I remember saying to my husband "God must really want this baby in the world!" 

I got pregnant while nursing, without having anything close to a period since giving birth to my firstborn, AND we were using protection. I'll never forget the look on my doctor's face when I told him I was expecting. He asked me "How did THAT happen?" My son was a miracle baby and while I was not crazy at all about being pregnant again (I cried and not in a happy way either!) I was excited about my child. 

On October 8th he came into my arms and latched around my heart in a special mother - son bond that is even stronger today - his third birthday. 

He proved quickly to be a happy baby and very content that is until he got older! 

One Year Old
 Then he was ALWAYS HUNGRY! You would think that I was starving the poor boy the way he asked for food! But his hunger wasn't the only thing that grew. His heart grew too and he became the a sweet - tenderhearted little boy who is shy but loves everyone. Especially his sisters. 

Love his smiles! 
Then we got to the "fun" stuff, the stuff that will make me laugh for years to come! This little boy keeps me on my toes! Every time I turn around he is into SOMETHING! Whether its finger-painting the recliner with Lotrimin, painting the basement floor and his entire body with REAL paint, or running around the house outside with not a stitch of clothing, he always found SOME new way to get into trouble.  

He is my Cody, my tender, sweetheart of a boy that can make a hurting or sad Mommy smile with just one hug or kiss. I love you sweetheart! Happy third Birthday! 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. What a precious baby Boy! I know how stressful first finding out had to be - but it's obvious He's going to be the boy that keeps his family laughing. Such a treasure. I love God Planned Pregnancies! Both mine were :)

  2. he does look precious. my little guy was also a surprise, as we unexpectedly got pregnant a month after a miscarriage. looking back, his conception was definitely ordained by God. these stories are really just testimonies about His faithfulness!


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