God's Eternal Masterpiece

I was impressed. So impressed in fact that I knew I had to share on my blog about this amazing family business! Jesse and Becky have eight kids and they have been homeschooling for eighteen years. My husband and I worked with a couple of their children at a camp for the summer a few years ago and let me just say - they amaze me!

God's Eternal Masterpiece

My family has known their family for quite some time and I knew that they had this business but after I started teaching and homeschooling my own children - suddenly their business takes on a whole new meaning! This family sells books, and homeschooling materials, and devotional books, and church materials, and DVDs and audio Cd's and you name it stuff! 

This may sound like a NORMAL business but here's the thing - either they have USED it themselves and loved it or it has been recommended to them at least THREE times by other people THAT THEY KNOW. Do you know what this means? No more purchasing something that may not be helpful! No more purchasing something that you don't like! Everything they have in their store is TRIED and TRUE! For a rookie like me who is just starting to look for books and resources to help teach my family, this is a GOD-SEND! 


And guess what - I want them to FLOURISH! Their ministry is amazing! I'm thinking of doing ALL of my Christmas shopping through them and with this special 15% off that they are offering to Stringer Mama readers - we all can go shopping crazy! Okay - be good stewards but PLEASE check out this family website! You will be glad you did! 

Here are some things I have MY eye on! 



By the way - God's Eternal Masterpiece did not come to me, I went to them and asked if I could do this for them so trust me - I'm not being reimbursed for telling you about their business - I just really think you should check them out! 

For 15% off of your ENTIRE order 
use Coupon Code - SAVE15
(this only works one time per customer)

Now head off to God's Eternal Masterpiece and check them out! Then head back over here and let me know what you think! 
In HIS Grip, 

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