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Isn't God amazing? My husband and I were able to return to our home church for one Sunday. As a pastor's wife, this RARELY happens! But it was for a very special event for our former church and we wanted to be there for their church building dedication service. A little over two years ago my parents felt that God was leading them to resign at their current ministry due to differences in doctrinal practice and because my husband was the assistant to my dad, he resigned from ministry as well. The outcome was a church split. It was a very painful time and we had no idea what God was doing. Half of the church was suddenly without a place to go to church because that half believed the same way that their pastor did.

So God planted a new church. And two years later, the group that was meeting in a room the size of a large bedroom is now in a beautiful brand new building. I am amazed at my God. Going through that heartache was difficult for my husband and I. It hurt to have our ministry fall apart the way it did. But when we listened to testimony of the people in the church who were no longer looking at the pain of the past, but at the promise of the future, it was such a tribute to the power of God.

God decided that He would take this small group of hurt and broken people and plant a church. God laid a song on my heart and I ended up singing it for the dedication service. Just not in a southern gospel way! :0)

Just as this songs says, if we seek to follow God and His plans for our life and not our own desires, we will have success of the best kind - God's success! I would never have chosen to go through a church split or desired for a church to split, but God did! And the results surpassed my expectations and the expectations of everyone gathered at the service on Sunday.

Maybe you are going through a difficult, painful, heart-breaking time in your life and you don't understand. May this encourage you to keep following God's plans, and someday you too will be looking back and seeing God's writing all over your circumstances!

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a powerful song! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! It fits perfectly with your post!


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