Life In Our Fishbowl: Announcing NEW LINK-UP Party!!

I've been praying for a while about what kind of link-up I wanted to host and God finally landed me on one! I'm really excited about it! 

I am now going to be SHARING my Life In Our Fishbowl!

I've been writing about how God is impacting me as a Pastor's wife and I have had SOOOO many wonderful Pastor's wives find them and contact me about how encouraging they are! Pastor's wives find it very easy to connect with other Pastor's wives and ministry wives so if you are a Pastor's wife or Ministry wife - you can now MEET each other via blogland! Each Monday along with my Life In Our Fishbowl post I will be hosting a link-up for any and all ministry wives - NO MATTER the topic! My only requirement is that it is easy to see that you are a Ministry wife somehow on your blog. Basically so I can find it!

In case you were wondering, my Life In Our Fishbowl posts are NOT just for Pastor's wives! On the contrary! My purpose in writing these posts is to appreciate the transparent life that God has placed me in and ALLOW people to look in and see that God is shaping and growing ME TOO! I have NOT arrived and I won't until I reach heaven and receive my sin-freed body! So even if you are not linking-up - check out the Pastor's wives who ARE linking up and you may just find someone a LOT like you!

If there is enough interest - I will be updating my linky to a photo link - so even if you don't like to link up to a simply link - please do it if you would if it was a photo link-up! Thanks! 

So there you have it - if you are a Ministry wife: Pastor's wife, youth Pastor's wife, evangelist's wife, or a Missionary wife, LINK-UP a recent post - ANY TOPIC - from your own blog so we can blog hop and meet one another! Oh, and be a sweetheart and include this button! Not required, because I know sometimes I forget when linking up but I would love to see it there!

 In HIS Grip,



  1. Ann, this is a great link up! On Mondays I do a Marriage Monday at Woman to Woman Ministries. We are all minister's wives, or ministers ourselves or work in ministry. Looking forward to meeting new people and finding new blogs on your bloghop!

  2. That's awesome Jenifer! There are a few women that have Monday Ministry wife themes - that's why I chose today as a good link-up day! :0)


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