"To Our Pastor's Wife"

Maybe you need to encourage your Pastor's wife today! As you head off to church ask God how you can be a blessing to your Pastor's family(ies) today! You may be surprised what comes to mind or how God chooses to use you!


When we thank God for our pastor
We must give Him thanks for two,

For when your husband came to us,
God also sent us you.

A pastor's wife must be many things, 
You have many hats to wear;

And we say thanks for all you do
And lift you up in prayer.

You adjust your life to meet the needs
Of your husband's congregation,

And it seems that you can always cope
With most any situation.

Your presence blesses all of us
Who know you from day to day.

As our pastor's wife, you are serving God
In a fine and worthy way.

Author Unknown

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  1. Love the new blog girl. It really looks homie!! Blessings to you!!


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