Organization of Our Movie Collection

A few years ago we all moved from our 2,000 sq. ft. house to a 700 sq. ft. apartment so my hubbie could go to seminary. We knew we were going to be crowded for space especially since we have so many books, music and DVDs. The books were definitely not going to go (although we did sell several of our duplicates or never going to read again books!) so I decided to "downsize" our DVDs.

I took them all out of their boxes and put them in a large DVD folder/case - it's a huge case that holds 300 DVDs. Obviously this was a large case to lug around and get out every time we wanted to look and see what video we wanted to watch. I made a spreadsheet of all of our videos and each movie included Title, Genre, Audience, and a number. 

The Genres included Action, Adventure, Animated, Christian, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Sports, Thriller, War and Western. The Audience category included Baby, Kids, Family and Adult - my hubbie teases me CONSTANTLY for the "Adult" category and always makes jokes by saying "Honey, let's watch an ADULT movie!!" Oh. Brother. Sooo you might want to put Mom & Dad or a Parent category instead of Adult. I wish I did believe me! And just to clarify all of our "Adult" movies are simply movies that we don't want our kids to be allowed to watch without direct parental involvement. To me, an adult movie includes "Jane Eyre" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" because there are a couple of scary parts! Not the other kind of "adult" movies! 

By making a spreadsheet with all of those things, it was easy to separate them by genre, audience and an alphabetical listing. So my kids will be able to open it up and select a Family, Kid or Baby video and they will know that that particular movie is mommy approved! (At least they will be able to when they can read!) 

Each of the DVD's are put into a numbered pocket. I alphabetized all of my DVD's initially but  we buy DVD's occasionally and instead of alphabetizing them EVERY TIME I BUY A DVD - so NOT happening, I just stick them in the next numbered pocket and write it in the book. Then every year or so I can go in and reprint my spreadsheet and no big deal. 

By doing this, it saves so much time going through DVDs - now we just grab the book and pick out a movie, flip to the appropriate number in the case and stick it into the player. Done. No lost movies, just a fun time watching them. Unless your one year old decides that its fun to take all of the DVDs OUT and put them all over your living room. Yes, this has happened. Oh well! We DO still live in a sin-filled unorganized world! 

Tomorrow we will be starting the "Life in Other Fishbowls" series! I can't wait! 
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  1. I've been wanting to do something like this for forever! Thanks for sharing! I found you via the Homemaking Link up on Raising Homemakers.

  2. this is a good idea. I'd been planning on doing this, but without numbering them. I think it's better to have the list to locate them. Found you through Women living Well. Thanks


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