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I cannot figure out jewelry - I LOVE jewelry! On other people. I CANNOT figure out what looks good on me or what will go with what. I see jewelry on other people and I think - I can do that! Then I go and pick something out and I wear it with ONE outfit and I cannot make it work for any others! So I have resolved myself to simple and plain jewelry that I wear constantly and never have to take it off. Which works for me. BUT I still have all of this jewelry that I have bought and don't wear. 

So when I saw Amy's post on her Jewelry organizing project, I KNEW that it would help me too! So I duplicated hers, only I didn't paint mine because I liked it the way it was. I was satisfied until I wanted to just get rid of my jewelry box. I still had all of my earrings in it and needed a spot for them too! So I did some searching online and there were TONS of bloggers who made one using chicken wire and mesh and a splatter screen and all sorts of things but I wanted to do mine with what I had on hand and not buy anything. So here's what I came up with! 

Here is a black frame missing the glass and a piece of scrapbooking paper is like paper mesh! I triplicated the paper and cut it to fit the frame and hot glued it securely. Then I took the whole thing and painted it gold to match my existing frame. It worked GREAT! I was a little surprised and wasn't sure if the paper would work very well but it was great for the earrings that I have. 

I just added the bow by using a pushpin to hang it above the frame - I also used pushpins to hang it because its so much easier to grab and replace it when I need to change my earrings. 
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  1. Cute! We've got leftover chicken wire from our garden that I'm planning on making a hair bow holder for the girls with:)

  2. Very cute! Love the bow over the earrings!

  3. Thank you for this post..I'VE NEEDED AN ANSWER! In my office I have 3 necklaces that are all tangled up. I left them here hoping I would actually do something about it...all I could say is "Lord, there must be a way to organize them so this doesn't keep happening" And then I found your post. Thanks!

  4. Very cute. I love ideas like this. Thanks.

  5. Ann, I featured you on Domestically Divine. Thanks for the post. ;-)

  6. This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for the inspiration. :) ~Lisa [visiting from F.A.R.]


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