Rainy Day Activities for Kids

SOMETIMES. . . my kids drive me CRAZY!!! It may be on a rainy day or a sunny day. Unexpectedly it seems as though they are CONSTANTLY underfoot and chattering incessantly and my brain starts to twitch and my heart wants my mouth to begin yelling at my children. Which doesn't help whatsoever, I've learned but for some reason I'm tempted to do it anyway. SOOO when those times happen, I need to come up with a solution for those "rainy moments!"

Indoor Tent
I don't have a picture of this but I grab some utility clamps and a couple of bedsheets and either drape them over my kitchen table or attach them to my piano or the back of the couch - wherever they will be out of MY way! This has occupied my kids for at least 20 minutes at a time! WOW! Really this is a LONG time in my house!

Puppet Stage
I just came up with this idea and I think I'm a genius! I took one of those curtain rods that are spring loaded and I took a curtain that I was not using and put it about an inch higher than my daughter's head in a doorway. Ta-da! Puppet stage! They were thrilled! Of course, they enjoyed mommy's puppet shows better than their own but they still had fun doing it for each other too. I might go out on a search for how to make some more puppets for my kiddos. But not today! The puppets from the Dollar Tree will work for a while!

Go on a Rain Walk
We don't have a vehicle while my hubbie is working his part-time job so in order to go to the Post Office, we all walk there. Yesterday it was rainy but I was expecting a package so when a lull in the weather came I decided to go ahead and go. Sure enough as soon as we got shoes on and Emily ready, it started a nice steady rain again. Needless to say it was a rather nice rain so we went ahead and went to the Post Office! The postmaster looked at me as though I had lost my mind but it really was fun! My kids were given permission to splash in the puddles and catch rain in their mouths (what?) and we sang "Rain, Rain, Go Away!" Oh, and my package wasn't there but oh well!

Color the Windows! 
Excuse me? You might say. But really this is kindof fun! Give your kids a dry erase marker and let them color the windows! Or you could draw a design and let them erase it - either way it keeps them occupied doing something creative. You can also write Bible verses on windows above your sink to help you memorize them or leave sweet notes to your hubbie on the bathroom mirror!

Rotate Toys
We have too many toys - which in my opinion if its difficult for the kids to pick them up on their own - we have too many. So I grab a big storage tote and box up some of their favorites! Yes, their favorites. Then when they are all underfoot I sit them down with a snack or something and grab another storage tote and go to their rooms and box up another box of favorite toys. THEN after their snack I tell them they have a surprise in their rooms. Ta-da! NEW TOYS!! Works like a charm! Until they get old enough to realize that some of their toys go missing that is! That first box is the hard one!

What "rainy day activities" have you done? And don't forget to check out my giveaway happening now!
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  1. Love your ideas! My post for the link up was about the same thing...LOL. :)

  2. Your ideas rock girl! =} I esp love the puppet creation you made, I cannot wait to show the kiddos that one..so fun!!!

    We make lots and lots of tents around here and I love to rotate toys too!

  3. I would NEVER have come up with the writing on the windows idea! I'm liking that; especially writing Scripture on the window above the kitchen sink to aid in memorization. Thanks for sharing!


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