Few of My Faves: Link-Up Party

I experienced a new fave last night and I just had to share it with you!
 My hubbie and I went to
and we LOVED it!!! We had never ever been to a drive-in movie theatre before and I stumbled on their web site a couple of days ago and thought it would be a great date night experience with a nursing dependent baby in tow! And I was RIGHT! It was amazing! We stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream and ate it while we parked and waited for dusk and the movie to start - which we had to be there during the longest day of the year ha ha! I was able to nurse Emily and play goo goo ga ga with her without bothering anyone. Not to mention I could comment during the movie with my hubbie. AND we could have the volume of our car radio as loud as we wanted it. We are definitely going to do this again! We might even bring all of our kids! (Gasp!)

One of my fave things is movies in general and while movie theatres are not exactly my favorite place to enjoy them, this was GREAT! To see if there are any drive-in movie theatres in your area check out  www.driveinmovie.com
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Time to link-up your faves! The rules have changed for this link-up party! I've been struggling to come up with entire LISTS of faves so here are the new "rules!"

1. Your post must be about something or somethings that are your Fave! It could be a book review, a recipe, a product, a person, you name it! As long as it is a favorite - post it!

2. You must link back to me with this blog button!


  1. Oooh! I use to go when I was little, I seen the lion king and mighty ducks, lol!

    What did you see? drive in theaters are def fun!

  2. Ha ha! I guess I didn't share that we saw "The Green Lantern!" It was pretty good! We both liked it!


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