Organization is my Spice of Life!

If you know me very well at all - you will know that I can be sometimes overly obsessive about organization. Since I've had kids some of that has changed but it is definitely still alive and well! Here's a place where my organization has been able to STAY organized and I LOVE that! 

Have you ever gone to make a recipe and you don't have the spices you need? I have and it is FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!! So I invested time and money - there is really not much you can do to get around the fact that spices are expensive so I buy them in bulk! But first I bought all of my spices in the pretty jars and washed the labels off - this took talent because I soaked them in water standing up over night - if they fall over it could get the spices wet inside - not COMPLETELY water proof! The labels were die-hard stinkers but a little Goo-Be-Gone and we were in great shape! 

Then I took my handy-dandy labeler and labeled them up towards the top so when I put them on my 3-tiered shelf you could still see the labels. I LOVE these! Now I have ALL of the spices I could possibly need and surplus spices stashed in a box in my freezer where they should keep for long enough to refill these. Just so you know - they say that freezing does not extend the shelf life of spices but when you buy spices in bulk from the right places - I have discovered that they are much FRESHER than the spices I have bought in the store - so it all works out in the end. 
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  1. I have to laugh when I come across fellow organizers! Sometimes people think we're crazy! But you know, there is seriously logic to our "madness!" :wink: I agree with you on the freshness of spices. BULK is BETTER!

    Thanks for linking up for Simply Homemaking Tuesdays!

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life

  2. Love your spices!!!

    I love to be organized as well..i can breathe! Although, like you it has changed alittle with children!


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