4th of July Decorating and Giveaway Winner

About a year ago my husband commented about how he really liked how his mom decorated for the different holidays. He liked how it was always changing. So I made a commitment to decorate for the holidays. So I've been picking things up here and there but the biggest thing I've been trying to do is making things for very little money. This time I really impressed myself because I spent NOTHING on this project! Hooray! I had all of these things and they came together really nicely! What do you think?

I had a grapevine wreath that I dissected because it was ugly and needed serious help. Then I cut strips of fabric and wrapped them around. I made the round things by straight sewing and pulling them tight - I have no clue what they are called but that's what I did! I didn't have any wooden stars like I wanted so I cut stars out of cardboard and then cut fabric stars to cover the cardboard. All in all I think its pretty cute and now I have my first Fourth of July decoration! I'll make something more next year! 

Drumroll please. . . . . . 

Random.org has chosen: 

Erica Lyon! 

Hooray! She will be receiving this from Chris at The Sycamore Tree 

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  1. I think it is AWESOME that your husband made that comment, and you made a commitment to decorate for the holidays. Love it! Can't wait to see more of your holiday decorating ideas!
    Job well done!
    Cindy :)

  2. Wow~ I love it, you are so creative!

    Looks so pretty on the door~great job!

  3. Aww thank you Cindy! I don't even know if he remembers that comment but its always good to be aware of your hubbies likes and dislikes!

    Thanks Sarah Beth!

  4. HORRAY!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Random.org for choosing me to receive that cool piece of art!!! Anyone who knows me very well knows that I LOVE free things (even if it's something I don't really need or even want!). And when it's something free that I really like (like this Mom sign), I'm WAY excited! Thank you Chris and Ann!!
    P.S. I like your 4th of July wreath! I'd rather see your projects than Martha Stewart's!

  5. Erica - I'm so glad that you are that excited! And WOW my projects over Martha Stewarts? YES! Thank you! I like mine better than hers too - hers cost MONEY! :0)

  6. The wreath is very cute! I think the round fabric things are called Yo-yos. :)

  7. Ahhh - thanks Kari! I think I knew that but had forgotten!


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