Mother Daughter Banquet

Soooo. . . I'm a pastor's wife, right? And pastor's wives are asked to do a variety of things that otherwise they wouldn't be asked to do. I was asked by an area church to speak at their Mother Daughter Banquet last night and I was completely honored to do that. I had done it before but only to ladies that already knew me. I only knew ONE person in this audience. But I have to say, I had a BLAST! It was so much fun to do and I was very excited to do it. But let me tell you, I do not envy my hubby having to get up and speak three sometimes even four times a week. It's exhausting!!!

In the past I've spoken for various ladies events and youth activities and for my Women's Ministry classes in college and I am SOOOO thankful for those classes and the experience that they gave me. BUT I did NOT have three kids to care for during preparation for my devotionals at that time! Soooo what used to take me a couple of hours or so to pull together now takes more like 5 DAYS to do! Thankfully my hubbie kidnapped two of the three kiddos and that helped me prepare a TON! I love doing it but for more than one reason, I'm glad I'm not the one up there every Sunday speaking like my hubbie!
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  1. LOL sounds like it turned out! I know I had a speech not like to get up and speak but it went well!


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