Come Tour Aimee's Room!

Sooo. . . Time for another tour! And a how to paint a princess castle on your daughter's wall! I'm definitely NOT a professional painter by ANY means soooo I cheated - A LOT! But that's okay because I love the finished product and so does Aimee! What I did was an image search for a castle silhouette and I copied and enlarged and maybe a little bit of editing to make it the size and shape that I wanted. Then I printed it out on a transparency and used the old school projector from our church. You could use a regular projector and a computer but this was what we had available. Then I outlined it - first I made sure it wasn't an evil pencil that would refuse to come off the wall or soak thru the paint. See this post to see why I did that! This actually probably took me about 30 minutes - in mommy time about an hour! That's with interruptions!  Then I grabbed my bucket of white trim paint that was leftover from my kids trim in their rooms and a few sponge brushes, a regular paintbrush, and the small paintbrush from my kids' watercolor set. As I said I am NOT a professional painter and this project would have probably been a little easier if I had spent the money for acrylic paint and actual painters brushes but I was all about only putting time into this project and NO money! So considering the only thing I had to purchase was the transparency screens - I picked a box of those up at a garage sale for 0.50 cents - I'm golden! Considering that you can go to a site like this one and  pick one up similar for $45.00. I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished. Anywho. . . I just painted in the lines with the sponge brush around the edges and the regular brush for the big sections of the castle. All of the detail painting I used the watercolor brush which was HARD! Probably why people use a little better brushes for their painting! The painting itself probably took me about 1 1/2 hours which in mommy times about 6 hours since all of my kiddos kept wanting to help. Except Emily she just wanted mom to hold her! All in all, here is my little princess with her castle. And she is HAPPY. Which makes mom happy! Happy that she LOVES it and happy it's OVER! Yay! 

And of course, we decided to give the castle more of a prominent place in the girls' room so we rearranged the furniture and here is the rest of their room! 

And if you missed the post on making a dollhouse which is pictured below - check it out! It's one of my favorite projects! 

And have to show you Emily's bed - isn't it sweet! She hasn't slept in it yet because the girls room is upstairs and that's a long way away for numerous nightly feedings but she'll get there someday! 

Oh and I almost forgot, I am going to be stenciling butterflies along the wall in random spots in their room too but that may have to wait for another day! 
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  1. nice work ann! ;) sounds like you have alot of patience.......

  2. Oh my goodness Ann! Every little girl's DREAM!!!!! It looks amazing!!! You should get some of that glitter spray now and give the castle a little shimmer! Not that it needs more of a WOW factor, but just an idea!

  3. So sweet! I love the princess room for the little princesses! You have more ambition in your big toe than I have in my whole body! Saw Katie & the girls today at the FBBC graduation, so good to see her & the little cuties! Love ya!


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