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I remember when I was a teenager I wanted a yellow kitchen. I wanted it decorated with sunflowers. AND I DEFINITELY despised blue kitchens. They were EVERYWHERE! Everyone had a blue kitchen! Nobody had a yellow kitchen decorated with sunflowers. Oh boy talk about gag me now! Well guess what. I now have a blue kitchen! And I LOVE it!!!

I worked several hours over the last couple of days alongside my hubby and we painted our kitchen a light cream color. I was really struggling with how exactly I wanted to do it but I wanted a navy blue border of some kind through my kitchen. I thought I would paint the fruits of the spirit or maybe the Love Chapter or something but I couldn't really land on anything and I kept searching the internet and kept hearing people talk about how LONG it took to paint words. Then I remembered it. I had a foam stamp that I really liked. Done. I tried it, liked it, and I attacked my kitchen with a vengeance! Here are the before before pictures! I say that because this is before we even moved into our home!

It's a little difficult to see but the before color is a creamy beigey pinky color. Notice the white curtains and a small round table and you can't see the fridge but it's beside the table.

Now here are the AFTER pictures!

Here you can see my valances that I made. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted without selling my children (just kidding! but I think curtains are ridiculously overpriced!) so I made my own. I had all 3 of these whipped up in about an hour and a half. AND the thick canvas material for all three of them only cost me about $10. They should last FOREVER! Sweet!

So what do you think? Do you like it? I LOVE it! Before I put up my pictures and decor it looked a little restauranty but now I LOVE it! Here's how I did the border . . .

After a little trial and error I used a small roller to roll the paint onto the stamp so it would be evenly painted and not globby or thin in spots. My hubbie drew a guideline along the wall in pencil. I've done that before and never had trouble but apparently this pencil was evil. It refused to simply erase so I had to paint over it. THEN it BLED thru the paint!!! So I painted over it again. Sooo I have no solution of what to use as a guideline but let me know if you have a better idea!

Here it is on the wall! It looks much better in person as a whole then each separate stamp but you get the idea! The actual stamping without interruptions maybe took about an hour. With interruptions and with the dumb pencil problem about 5 hours but oh well!

So there's the first room you get to see of our new home! Next will be my son's car themed room which is SOOO adorable if I do say so myself which I can since I didn't do very much of it myself!

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