I'm Praying for Women - Are You?

NOTICE - this post and the video attached is NOT appropriate for children! 

I'm a little upset tonight. I have heard about this situation with the worker at Planned Parenthood and it broke my heart. But when I watched this video I became livid. I was shocked and amazed at the disregard of the law that could have cost lives. Just so you know, I DO NOT normally post things on my blog about things like this. But this is a little too close to my heart for me to ignore. 

About 6 months after I was married I was privileged to work as a Client Services Manager at a Pregnancy Resource Center. I LOVED it! I developed more of a passion for women and their needs than I had ever experienced before. I have always stood firmly against abortion and for a biblical understanding of life and God's plan for life. I discovered however, that the main purpose of a pregnancy center is NOT to save babies. That is a goal, definitely! But at least at the center where I worked we were more about the women and caring for them and their needs and their hearts. We completely understood that yes, an abortion kills a baby, but we also understood the far-reaching affects of those left behind. You see, when a baby is aborted, that baby is ushered directly into the arms of God. That is pure joy and mercy and that baby will never know the pains and struggles of this world. But the mommy is still here. The mommy will feel the pain and the absence of that child. While it may not happen right away, someday her heart will break for the little one she chose to lose. 

What I saw in this video was evidence of many women potentially being hurt, damaged, and completely disregarded because of an agenda. This scares me at what may be out there. I understand this was one woman who was acting illegally but what if the people had been real? What if the young women really were going to be brought in en mass for treatment from this place? 

I don't want to get up on a soapbox here, because the video pretty much speaks for itself but it definitely proves to me that we need to PRAY for women that are walking into these places seeking answers and hope.  They need God in their lives - that is the hope they are unknowingly seeking. So while you might respond to Planned Parenthood with anger and bitterness, the real issue is that these people are lost without hope and think they are providing "the answer" to these searching, lost women. 

If you never have been able to volunteer at a Pregnancy Center, may I encourage you to seek one out? Even if you only take the training, so if you ever run into a woman who is seeking hope when it comes to her unborn child, DO IT! You will never regret it and it just might change your life. I know it did mine. 

Please don't allow children to watch this video! Thank you! 

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  1. Great issue to bring to light! YES we need to pray.. woman do need hope! Thanks for the reminder to pray, I got a new journal and will add to it right away. I couldnt watch the video bc this issue makes me extrememly upset, angry!


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