Few of My Faves: Food!

If you saw yesterday's post you would probably think that food is the LAST thing I would be thinking about! But  I AM pregnant and of course I have my cravings. But this list is pregnancy cravings aside. These are my FAVES no matter how I feel they will always be familiar "friends."

1. Chai Latte - I do not drink coffee or even hot tea on a regular basis but this - I will drink this any time anywhere! LOVE it!
2. Cherry Coke - Yes, it's bad for me, yes it will probably kill me in the end. But I LOVE it!
3. Dove Milk Chocolate - Need I say more?

4. Fresh Blueberries - I ate a whole box last night. My hubbie had a few handfuls so it was ok!

5. Avanti's Gondola - This is the best sandwich IN. THE. WORLD.

6. Blue Bunny Dreamsicles - Nothing better than one of these on a summer day! Or maybe two! :0)

7. Chocolate Cherry Coke Floats - Why not combine two of my faves for one AMAZING one? Seriously if you have not tried it, you are missing out!

8. Smooth N Melty Petite Mints - I have to confess, I'm eating them right now! Yummo!

9.  Ranch Dressing - If I did not confess to this love, I'd probably have a few people upset with me. It's gotten better since I was married - an accountability partner helps! :0) But really, I love this stuff!

Sooo now that you've gotten an inside look at all of my favorite foods - I will be accepting food baskets anytime! JUST KIDDING! Don't do that to me! I already look like a blimp! Ok, I'm pregnant but it's a dream goal to lose those extra pounds!
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  1. Too funny, love all your fav foods!! ;-)

    Ranch is def one of my top favs!

  2. Oh, Dove chocolate...that is my undoing...

  3. What a lovely blog!

    I remember my pregnancy cravings! All I was eating for breakfast were eggs!
    I am following your blog now and will be looking forward to more of your posts


  4. Thanks for following my blog!! I love this post because these are almost all my favorite foods too!! Hehe!! Esp. the petite mints!! <3

    Blessing to you!!


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