Homemade Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day so I purged our cupboards! We had a ton of dried fruit that was old and not very good anymore and other things we wouldn't use. But the birds would love it! I got a gallon milk jug and cut two holes on the side opposite the handle and used permanent marker to draw some flowers to hopefully attract the birds. 

Then my wonderful hubby braved the snow out there (he was going to go scoop snow anyway!) and he attached the bird feeder to the railing of our porch which happens to be right next to the tree. While he did that I dumped all of our dried fruit and stale cereal and whatever else I could find that qualified (I went to this site to see if it was approved) as bird food. Then I added a scoop of peanut butter to make it extra yummy and healthy for the birds, but not too much so they wouldn't get a blob of just peanut butter. I stirred everything together til it was coated. Then I braved the snow and used a plastic glove I stuck the food into the feeder thru the holes cut on the side. Then I put some extra on the railing so the birds would see it sooner.  

Currently my kids are waiting for the birds to come and taking notice of every bird within eye-distance of our house. Hey its keeping them busy! I can't wait til we attract some birds personally but it could take some time! Oh and by the way, money spent: $0 Which is always a bonus!! 
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