My Christmas List

So I borrowed this idea from a friend's blog and I loved her list of things she would love to have for Christmas so why not? I don't expect ANY of these things for Christmas and I'm TOTALLY excited about what I am getting - long story - yes I know what I'm getting for Christmas from some people! ha ha!

This has been on my Christmas list for let's see - 3 YEARS!!! And yes, my husband knows and yes, we've tried to save up for it and no, I STILL don't have one. :0) But someday whether I have to wait til heaven, I will have one of these!
KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer
I also want one of these - I'm showing you the inside because this is why I want it! 
This is a Chrysler Town and Country with Swivel N Go seating - perfect for long trips with the kids is what I'm thinking! Hey I can dream big for Christmas presents if I want to! :0) 

I also want this and guess what! This is what my hubbie found online to get me for Christmas and I'm SOOOO excited about it!!! I LOVE it! And I'm ok with knowing what I'm getting because he wanted to be absolutely sure I would love it and I do! 

Loving Family&reg Sterling Silver Pendant - Parents and 3 Children
Definitely all about this! 

Yes, I've played them all - except this one! 

Oh yes, and this would not hurt! 
Actually this really stands for being debt-free! A beautiful thing that WILL happen someday! :0) I could care less about having money - but being debt-free? Now that's something! 

But you know, after making this list of the things that I would like to have or enjoy having, guess what? I would not be ANY happier than I already am because I truly have everything that I need or could ever possibly want. My God, my husband and my kids. Who could ask for more? I am content and purely happy and joyful in what I have - this list was just for fun because I've never made a Christmas list before IN MY LIFE!!! And now I have it out of my system! Merry Christmas everyone! 


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