Cookie Recipe Swap #1

Here is a very simple cookie recipe that is a HUGE favorite in my family. It is always the first cookie that is made during the holiday season and is usually made several times throughout the season! I have had these cookies made by other people and I am ALWAYS sorely disappointed in them! Nothing beats this recipe!

1 package vanilla almond bark
1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips
20 oz SALTED peanuts

Melt the almond bark and chocolate chips in a BIG bowl in the microwave - stir after every minute until you can mix it throughly together. It usually takes about 3-4 minutes for me. Add the peanuts and stir til all of the peanuts are covered in chocolate. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper and let dry - usually dry within an hour if not sooner. The bigger your cookies the longer to harden. These cookies are best kept in a container with wax paper separating layers. Some people keep them in the fridge but I like them left on the counter. YUMMO!!!

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  1. Ooooo Have loved these always but never found a recipe! thanks, I cant wait to bake them! Awesome you joined the cookie swap too!

  2. Ann, we LOVE them too! {Although we don't prefer them with the white almond bark.} ;0) We also make these every year along with Turtle Clusters! Your pictures look good enough to eat! ;0)


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