Christmas Decorations!

Yes! I seriously wait all year long to break out my Christmas decorations! I LOVE decorating my home for Christmas. It's sooo HOMEY! I love it! So here are some pics of my decorations this year. I kindof had to change my usuals to more Cody-safe decorations. He seems to be a bull in a china shop kindof boy so I crowded all of my breakables into one spot on my piano but it still all worked!

this is with the flash - which distorted all of the color of my tree! 

Here is without the flash which makes it look fuzzy - oh well! 

My breakables! 

Probably my favorite! I don't know what I'm going to do next year! I'll be short one stocking! 

My hubbie decided to deck the halls - literally! :0) The kids love it!

So there you have it - our Christmas decorations at least the majority of them! There are also decorations in the bathroom and other places but I was too lazy to clean them for a picture! hee hee. 

This is linked to Homemade for the Holidays.



  1. Oh Ann! I just had to chuckle...I saw your tree, and had to click the picture to make it bigger...I love your cranberry garlands!;0)haha. I know what you mean about stockings! I had enough for everyone until Jake and Isaac came along. Now they are mismatched.{so not pretty.} I plan to make some {hopefully by next year.} Thanks for joining "Homemade for the Holidays"

  2. Thanks for linking up to the party! I love your tree, it's so pretty!


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