DIY Dollhouse! Day 4

Oh my goodness I'm TIRED! I stayed up til 1:00am last night working on the dollhouse last night and was hard at it again this morning. I am soooo close to being DONE! I just had to do another post to show you the (almost) finished product. 

Here's a look at a room-by-room tour of Aimee's Dollhouse! 

Here's a little girl's room! The lamps that you see are made with popsicle sticks glued into wooden beads with a square tile as support on the bottom. The shade is made out of a medicine cup covered with a beaded necklace I had lying around. 

All of the wooden furniture you see I did not make, I found it at a thrift store for $2.50. A COMPLETE steal! I bought it over a year ago knowing I would use it someday and here it is! 

The pictures are made from leather cut outs and the pictures are all from a South Dakota tour guide I had lying around. Worked perfectly! 

This lamp shade is covered with brown fabric and accented with beads.

Here is the dining room. I made the chairs much like I made the living room furniture from yesterday's post. I had the little flowers and I arranged them and poured hot glue into a hairspray cap and now the flowers aren't going anywhere and are also "getting a drink" too! It's hard to see but the "clock" on the back wall is actually a button I found. 

Probably my favorite room, the living room! I made everything in this room so it took the longest to create! But I love it! I'd like to find something for a rug but that will have to wait til later. 

Here's the bathroom. I could probably do more in here with a vanity or something but I stopped after the "Velveeta" cheese box shower complete with "H" and "C" knobs and a drain and a shower curtain! 

I will probably create some appliances for the kitchen but I'm probably going to wait til Aimee's birthday to tackle that project. But here's a counter made from cardboard and matchboxes for drawers. Only problem was, I left the drawers in the slots while I glued it together and you guessed it, the drawers are glued in quite nicely. Bummer! But it still looks nice! 

So here it is! The only thing I have left is a pretty curtain that I'm going to attach to the from of the dollhouse and tie back with ribbon. Just a girly factor but I'm tired so I'm done with it for now! Thanks for looking! 

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Update: Here is our family playing with it on Christmas morning! It was a MAJOR success! 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS ANN!!!!!!!! This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen done DIY!!! I'm so proud of you and Sam for accomplishing this for Aimee! You're right... she's going to adore it, and spend hours and hours playing with it! You've done an amazing job, and she will cherish this FOREVER!!!! You've outdone yourself- again!

  2. Wow. I am SO impressed at your creativity Ann! That's amazing! And do you know how cool and special Aimee is going to think that is? You're such a good mom :)

  3. that really is awesome, Ann! Great work!

  4. We have 3 cardboard dollhouses at my house right now, and we have been making lots of fun things for them. I love your hairspray cap for the vase; I hadn't thought of that one! We are using toothpaste caps for lightshades. I am actually working on some free printables for dollhouses right now, which I am planning to have up on my site soon.

  5. This is the cutest thing I have seen in a LONG TIME!! Good Job!!

  6. What a priceless gift for your family. It will be a treasure for many years to come. May the Lord bless you richly!!

  7. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to make one for my daughter, but am not sure that I'm up to the task!

  8. I found your blog via Pinterest around Christmas time and thought I'd come back for a look. What a wonderful gift idea!!! I have 2 boys, and I'm thinking along the sames lines about creating this for them to play their Lego's or Star War's guys in. I think what you made is just wonderful and I'm sure she loved it! Thanks for posting pictures and sharing such a cute idea! Take care.


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