Grandma and Mom's Birthday Bash!

So I normally don't do this on my blog but it's the easiest way for me to allow family to see pics from my mom's and my Grandma's surprise birthday party that I hosted about a week ago! So if you're family I'm sure you'll enjoy this! If you are a friend feel free to take a peek at our family get-together!

The Birthday girls!!!

All 4 sisters!

4 Generations! Grandma is 75, Mom is 50, Katie is 25 and Natalie is 0! How often does that happen??

Brad and Marie Hansen's Family

Brad and Marie's grandkids! Aimee - 3, Cody - 2 and Felicity - 2

Don and LaDonna Harper - Grandma's sister

Kathy loving on Natalie! Big smiles!

Only picture I got of Tiffany! She must have slipped out before pictures! But I know my kids had a BLAST playing with her little girls!

Thanks to all who were able to make the day extra special for Grandma and my mom and her sisters! I think everyone can agree it was a wonderful time of catching up! If you would like a copy of one of the pictures here feel free to right click and open in a new window and save the picture in your own picture files!

Love you all!

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  1. Ann, That was a really wonderful thing for you to do for not only your Mom and your Grandma, it was a wonderful gift to us all; very special.

    Thank you,

    Aunt Jenny


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