Christmas Lights - DONE!

It's official - I have decorated for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving! I know, I know, I know - it's breaking with my usual need to completely CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING! But the weather right now is much better to decorate in than the usual below freezing temps and the ever present problems of snow and ice. SOOO. . . My WONDERFUL hubbie helped me put up lights - much to his chagrin the weather was worse today than the day I REALLY wanted to hang them (Friday). But I just follow HIS lead! (Can't resist a little snicker here!). So here we are - pics of course!

and here are my most recent acquisitions to my Christmas decorations! I found this set of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus for a total of $9.00 at a thrift shop!!! WOO HOO!! I was HAPPY! And they work perfectly! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Obviously a little blurry but this was the best one to show you how bright they really are as opposed to the first picture!

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