Birthday Party for Cody!

This past Saturday was a blast! We celebrated Cody's 2nd birthday! He doesn't actually turn two until the 8th but this was the best time for family to get together. I loooove planning my kids birthday parties and had a ton of fun with my little boy's favorite toy theme - TRUCKS!!! and constuction and dirt movers and all of that!

I used a yellow plastic tablecloth and used a stamp ink pad and the wheels on one of my sons trucks and made tire tracks all over the tablecloth. 

I used Cody's various yellow trucks as my centerpieces (including some new ones!) 

the dump truck was filled with yummy DIRT Dessert - first time I've done something other than a cake but took a ton less time! 

Cody IMMEDIATELY found the new trucks and had a blast! 

This year he knew exactly what to do about that candle! And with just a tiny bit of help he blew it out! :-) 

The "dirt" passed with flying colors and even Nana requested this for her next birthday party! (note to self - watch Cody to make sure any other dirt is not consumed especially not as readily as this dirt was!) 

It became pretty clear what Cody's favorite part of his party was - PRESENTS!!! 

This gift was a ton of fun! 

 Aimee was the train "deductor" for quite a while too!  

 Overall, Momma's boy had a WONDERFUL birthday party and Momma survived to live another day - *sigh*!


  1. That's what I did for Jacob's 3rd Birthday in June. He absolutely LOVED it! It was so easy and it was a major hit. I even put gummy worms in it. Glad to see you had fun too. :0)


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