Some of the things I've heard or overheard my three-year old daughter saying:

"Daddy, Daddy, Save me! Save me! Mommy is tickling me! Daddy, I'm not kidding you! Save ME!!"

"Dear Lord, Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Aimee and Cody, and thank you for Nana and Papa and Grammy and Papa and Paul and Chris and Scott and Danny, and Simba and Jojo (Nana and Papa's dogs) and Uncle Chris and please help us to be patient. Oh and for the new baby, Jesus name, 'Men."

"Mom, your tummy is getting really BIG!!!" (You haven't seen anything yet kiddo!) 

"Mom I think we need to get 3 babies, one for mommy and one for Aimee and a purple one!"

"Mom, did you know that God made pizza?"

"Mom! Daddy is a fire!" 
(Excuse me?? Her daddy was lighting the burn pile out the window!)

"Mom, I think we need to go to the library (??) and buy this show (pointing to a movie in a catalog). I'll bring my monies" (she has $2.02 in her purse on her shoulder!).

"Mom, my favorite color is green! Oh nevermind, it's pink! I forgot!"

I said "Aimee do you know what it means to share?" 
Aimee in tears "Yes, it means NO MORE TOYS!!!!" wailing in complete distress! 

"Daddy - you're silly!"

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