I've posted about trying to lose weight in the past and I was successful, for two weeks. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks then stopped cold. That was in April and since then I've become extremely frustrated with myself and my efforts. I'm still on the Blood Type Diet and have accepted it as part of a life style change. But I have no results for this change. I'm eating better than many people on the planet and nothing has changed. My husband on the other hand has lost over 30 pounds and is doing great! How frustrating! It's hard to be excited for your spouse's success when you are "failing" miserably. Not losing weight was not my only problem however. I've been tired, forgetful, crabby, experiencing joint pain, unmotivated and even cold, to name a few! And then there are the RAGING hormones! Since I miscarried, I chalked it up to the fact that my body was just trying to get back in the groove of things. However, it has been 9 months since I miscarried. I went to the doctor, frustrated and confused. The answer - hypothyroidism. This may sound like an unhappy thing and really frustrating to find out this news, but let me tell you, I was PRAISING GOD! I have new hope!!! Before seeing the doctor and finding out these problems, I was imagining so many different problems I could be having. You name it, it was in my head. Another reminder to "Whatsoever things are true . . . think on these things." Phil. 4:8. I just have to take a little pill to replace missing hormones in my thyroid and BOOM!!! I should get better! Granted, taking medicine the rest of my life isn't really exciting but now I have ANSWERS!!! Knowledge is definitely worth a LOT! I start the meds tomorrow and I can't wait! 


  1. Hey Ann! I really am glad for you. I have a similar problem though it is a little more complicated. I fear it may be causing problems with my pregnancy as I am 20 wks along and haven't gotten up to my pre pregnancy weight. I hope that this fixes your problems, but I will warn you it may take a month or two to settle in. Miss you and God bless! Christi

  2. Yay Ann! I'm so glad you have a specific name to blame all this on! I sure do hope that once you've been on your new medication for awhile, that you're able to feel normal again and not have to deal with such frustrations with your weight and health! So glad you had a successful trip to the doctor!


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