Crib Recall Adventure

My kids are 16 months apart. They both sleep in cribs that are converted into toddler beds. Until yesterdayI decided it was time to set up a toddler bed for Aimee and sell one of my cribs on Craig's list. I was looking for comparable pricing on cribs and noticed how most of them said that their crib had not been recalled. I realized I needed to check and see if mine had been recalled or not. Aimee's crib had already been recalled once and I received a kit to repair it. I searched for Cody's crib (go here and search for your brand of crib) and sure enough all of the cribs named "Childesign" (the one pictured) have been recalled. Top it off, the company is no longer in business. So I searched my daughter's Simplicity crib. Hers was a little more difficult to find since it has already been recalled. But sure enough it had been recalled a second time and Simplicity is also out of business. So what to do? I called Wal-Mart where I had purchased my cribs and asked them what to do. They said bring your cribs in and we'll take care of it and I said - "what's taking care of it?" She told me that I could get new ones. With that promise, I disassembled the cribs and brought them in. After much discussion with the Customer Service people, they were able to find the model numbers on the cribs themselves (a sticker on the crib should have the model number - otherwise I would have been out of luck!) and they gave me a gift card for $299.73!!! One of my cribs was part of a Nursery-in-a-box and came with a dresser and a changing table and I was reimbursed for all of it and I still have those! Needless to say, I was pretty happy with the whole venture. Especially since neither one of my kids needs to be in a crib anymore. Currently Cody is in a toddler bed I picked up for $9.75 at a garage sale and I'm debating on whether Aimee should move into a bedroom downstairs by herself or move a twin size bed into her room with Cody. Hmmm.... We'll see. Has your crib been recalled? 

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