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Finally! I'm caught up with the many big events and now onto current news! Sam and I have been amazed to examine the events of our past to see how God has orchestrated events to lead us to where we are now. Sam has been called by God to be a pastor and after the last few years of being in part-time ministry and then Seminary, we are beginning to see the possibilities of being a Pastor's family unfold before us. It is so exciting to see where God will lead us. Do we know yet? Nope, not a clue. But we know that it will happen in God's timing. Sam has preached at several churches and right now we know of two churches that are considering him as a potential candidate. It is so crazy to think that it's almost here. Something that we've been pursuing ever since Sam and I were married is so close we can almost taste it. Which brings me to my dilemma: I am  scared to death! The only thing that keeps me from running the other way is the fact that I know this is what God has for us. Whether Sam becomes a pastor tomorrow or when we're 70! (I really hope we don't have to wait that long!) I'm not only scared to death, I'm also deliriously excited! When our desires match up with God's desires it is an absolutely incredible and powerful thing! I cannot wait to be in ministry alongside my husband. So between being scared to death and being deliriously excited what is my middle ground? I am PRAYING!!!! A LOT!!!! My prayer list is as follows:

1. I am praying first and foremost that God will have His way, not mine. 

2. I am praying that He will shape me and mold me into His image - I definitely need His help!

3. I am praying that I can be the helpmeet and encouragement that I need to be for my gifted husband. 

4. I am praying that I can be the godly mother to my children in amongst the chaos. 

5. I am praying that I will have the patience and the faith for what is coming - whatever that looks like. 

6. I am praying for the unknown things I need to be praying for! 

7. I am praying for the churches that are considering Sam. 

8. I am praying for our present church and the ministry we have there. 

9. I am praying for Sam to have the wisdom that he needs as he leads our family. 

If you could join us in praying for these things, it would be such a joy and encouragement to us! 

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  1. Super exciting!! Obviously, I can't really relate, but I can pray and I can totally understand how all of this would be super overwhelming!
    But how exciting!!


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