Scary Chemicals in my house!

There are so many worries and concerns that moms face everyday. Social, cultural, and sinful pressures face us everyday. But something that concerns me as a mom of little tiny people is what is going into my kids bodies on a regular basis. I'm not really talking about food - although that is something I think about every day too. I'm concerned more and more everyday about chemicals. This concern hits me very close to home because my mom cannot have chemicals in her presence or she experiences stiffness and pain. If chemicals can do this to my mom what can they do to my family? My parents are moving into a home soon that will need some renovations so I've been researching flooring for their new home. I was shocked at what I found. Carpets are treated to be mold-resistant (duh!) and are full of chemicals - every time you vacuum or clean your carpets, those chemicals are emitted into the air. As a mom I keep the floors clean because I have little people who crawl all over the floor. But guess what - those clean floors are putting chemicals into my babies systems! You can even absorb chemicals and drugs into your system every time you shower! Trust me, those are things I would have ever thought about! I've been embarking on a journey to prevent chemicals in my home. I'm not a freak about it, (I still vacuum and shower!) I still wear perfume for special occasions, and I still use lavender smelling lotions on my kids after their baths, but I have found some easy ways to cut down on chemicals and still do the same things I do every day. If I had my way I would buy everything that was chemical free but I'm not as rich as Midas and I do still trust my God to watch over the health and well-being of my kids too.

I use All Free and Clear laundry detergent. No phosphorus, no perfumes, no dyes. And it's the same price as the smelly stuff. Using this has helped my husbands allergies significantly and I know it won't irritate my kids skin.

I don't burn candles or use air freshener - this is a biggie for me - I LOVE a nice smelly house. I've had to sacrifice that but I have found alternatives - I use a small crockpot and use vegetable oil (this helps it not evaporate as quickly), water, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, and vanilla or anything else you want to throw in there and it makes my house smell great without chemicals!

I just invested in a Shark Steamer (or my hubbie actually surprised me!). It is awesome! It disinfects everything and cuts grease and cleans using only water/steam. I was hoping it would be an easier cleaning solution - it's not easier, but it's not harder. It is easier on my family's noses! I use it on my sinks, shower, toilet, floors and kitchen cupboards. And I will no longer need to keep the cleaning fluids around that I used to have. It's supposed to be able to kill bugs and disinfect our mattress but I have no idea if it did or not! I'm pretty sure we don't have bugs but you never know I guess! Plus it can be used as a garment steamer and works well as a humidifier - which I like cuz my kids can get eczema in the winter months.

Like I said before, I'm not paranoid. God will have the final say in how long we live, what causes our death and how healthy we will be, not me. As a mom, I know that it's my job to do my part to help keep my home a safe, happy and healthy place to be.


  1. Ann, I know exactly what you mean....but the whole carpet thing was new to me!
    Have you tried Gold Canyon candles? Their scents are natural and supposed to be chemical free. My MIL still has a hard time around them, but she just plain can't be around scents.
    I have a Shark Steamer but every now and then I break out the Pinesol.
    Also, I make my own laundry's fantastic and gentler than All Free & Clear... :)

  2. Katie - that's really funny you mentioned Gold Canyon, since I'm having a party April 20th - you should come! :-) Little bit of a drive I know but if you want something let me know! I'm excited about it! how do you make your own laundry soap??!? share share!

  3. on my blog, ck out "recipes" and ir should be in that category, a link to the recipe. all of the ingredients are available @ hy-vee :)


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