Spring is Here!

I absolutely love the changing seasons in Iowa. Today we piled into the van and it was HOT in there! Wow! It's been so long! Spring is definitely here. I am looking forward to Easter this weekend. All of our Easter decorations are packed away in storage so we decided to make some! Okay, they are cookies not decorations and I doubt they will even last til Sunday! But they were really easy to do so I thought I would share. I used my regular sugar cookie dough and separated it into 3 sections. I used food coloring and colored them pink, purple, and yellow. Then I rolled each section into a "snake," laid them down touching each other then rolled all three colors out flat so they were connecting then I cut them out. Ta da! Easter eggs! And the kids loved them!
Another sign of the season is the beautiful birds that have been showing off on the tree outside the window! I have no idea what kind of bird these are but the tree has been laden with them ever since the hint of spring began. I'm curious to know what kind of tree this is too because it has born these berries since we moved here in August. They turned yellow in the fall then red when it got colder. A beautiful tree! I will miss it when we move away!

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