Moving Again!

It is becoming evident that we will probably be moving within the next couple of months. Another chapter is about to begin. Unlike most people who have mental chapters that pertain to segments in their lives such as age, schools, jobs or births of children, I use another reference point to organize the chapters of my life - MOVING.

My moving experiences began when I was a baby and we moved from one house to another house that I don't remember to "the green house." (It's not green it's yellow with green painted foundation) Most of my young childhood days were spent in this house. A.k.a. the snake house. We had snakes in the basement, in the yard and underneath the front doorstep. My dad tried to help me get over my fear of snakes by catching one and showing it to me. I wouldn't go near it. My dad then proceeded to kill it and throw it into a neighboring field. I will NEVER forget that! (Dad do you remember that?) If you know me at all I have a TERRIBLE fear of snakes. It began at that house. I do have good memories there too but for sake of time I will continue with my moving experiences. We then moved from "the green house" to "Camp," this was probably my favorite place to live because we had so much fun there! From there we moved to "the Anita Acreage" we were only there for a short time while we prepared for my dad to go to college. We moved into a travel trailer and "moved" to Florida where my dad went to school for one year. Then we moved our trailer from Florida to my grandma's backyard. We then sold the trailer and moved into "the acreage" and dad continued going to school. We lived there for a few years then moved again to a parsonage when my dad became a pastor. At this point my parents stopped their moving and stayed for several years but I continued the moving cycle as I went on to college, back home, spent a summer living at a friend's home, back to college, then to an apartment with a friend while I finished college. After I graduated I became engaged to my hubbie and until we were married I lived at my parents home again. My husband moved me to his hometown and we were there for 6 months. Ministry possibilities moved us again and we were in an apartment for 2 months. The utilities were too high so we bought a house. After a year my husband was asked to become an assistant pastor at a new location so we put our house up for sale and it sold in 2 weeks. We bought a house and were there for a year and a half then we moved to "Camp" for the summer and helped out there. Now we're in our current apartment while my husband goes to school for his M.A. Whew! That was a total of 20 moving adventures! And now we're preparing for #21 and (unless something changes) we're moving back to the house we bought (shown in the picture) which was being rented and will be empty soon. I am only 26! I wonder how much experience it takes to be considered a PROFESSIONAL mover? I think I can cut it! I can unpack all of my possessions in about 3 days - I used to be able to do it in 24 hours but since kids came along, I need 3 days! But needless to say I am looking forward to the house again. The dishwasher, privacy and room for the kids to run is looking VERY attractive! In that order too!

I must say however, that looking back I can see God's handiwork in all of it. It's all in the journey of following God wherever He leads us. If God wants us to move like this for the rest of our lives, I am fine with that. If God wants us to stay in one place for the rest of our lives, I'm fine with that (although that would be a transition!) Wherever and whatever God leads us to, we will follow.

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