Dun, Dun, Da DUN! Introducing BRAND NEW BLOG!

After much prayer, contemplation, counsel, and a few hassles with Google, I am excited to announce

I would give you more information here but I'll save that for when you visit www.delight-thyself.com!

Completely launching on March 1st, you can still go over and check it out and get ready to follow via facebook, email, or subscribe to the feed so you're all set to go! 

As for Stringer Mama blog, 
it will stay open for a while longer but eventually will be retired. 

But don't worry, the posts you have grown to love and appreciate will be exported to Delight Thyself and will still be available. And truly, the type of posts will be fairly the same but with renewed purpose and a fresh perspective! 

Stringer Mama has been a wonderful experience and the blessings of so many of my wonderful friends has been amazing! I hope that every single one of you will head on over and join me at the new blog where we can continue to strive to delight in the Lord in everything we do! 


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  1. Excited to check it out Ann!



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