"DAD!!! I REALLY want a boyfriend!!!!"

“Dad!!! I really want a boyfriend!” I sobbed, and I mean SOBBED on my dad’s shoulder. My sister was already planning on marrying her boyfriend and she was YOUNGER than I was by two years! In just three short months I would be graduating from college and then heading back to literally “no-man’s land” at least, no CHRISTIAN man I would ever dream of marrying no-man’s land. My hometown was a mere 500 people and our church was only about 30 people so it truly was a place where I would not meet a man of my dreams.

Therefore, I was devastated by this state of singleness I found myself. My dad then told me those horrible, dreadful words that every fiber of my BEING wanted to throw back at him and make him take back. "Maybe God doesn't WANT you to get married!" HA! That’s ridiculous! My life verse at the time was:

“Delight thyself in the Lord and
He will give you the desires of thine heart.”
Psalm 37:4

The desire of my heart is to be married.  Period. Dad just didn’t understand that! Oh, but he did and as he continued to talk to me I realized that maybe I wasn’t delighting myself in the Lord like I thought I was at all. I had made this demand for a husband and was at that moment throwing a little temper tantrum at my Lord because He wasn’t giving me what I wanted. . .

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