"Good Wife Guide" Winners!

Congratulations to. . . 

Drumroll please!!!

Jonathan and Julia said:

"I think the best advice I have ever been given about being a wife came from my Dad. He told me just before my parents moved from California to Georgia when I was 19 "to not ever lie to your husband about anything but most importantly about money". I always have done my best to not lie to anyone but I think we often forget to be most open with our husbands."

Susan Gay said: 

"My best piece of advise is that you can not be someone else's Holy Spirit. When there needs to be a change made, it is God's job through the Holy Spirit to speak to your husband. My job is to pray."

 Mommy Erica said: 

"A piece of advice I have received is to not stress about the housework and to take time to be with your family. This is a good reminder for me because I don't like clutter and tend to like things in order."

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I was amazed at all of the amazing advice given in the comments! You will have to check them out in the comments of the original giveaway

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