Organize Your Year Series!

I'm on a mission this New Year. Unless God deems otherwise (it can always happen I suppose!), I am not moving or having a baby (or both!) this coming year. THEREFORE. . . I am striving to make this year function more smoothly than the past few years because it is possible!

So I'm writing a series about the different ways I am organizing my year and I'm hoping that you will join in on the "fun" too! Starting on Monday I will be starting the series and the topics are:

Organize Your Year: Bible Reading
Organize Your Year: Card Writing
Organize Your Year: House Cleaning
Organize Your Year: Bill Paying
Organize Your Year: Time Maintaining

I'm starting up the New Year with a focus on Bible Reading and a special giveaway that will help give a jump start to your personal relationship with God. Just so you know, the item being given away is one that I myself have used and found so wonderful and helpful I contacted the makers and they are providing a free one and free shipping for those who do not win!
Happy New Year
May Your Year of 2012 be a Year of Rejoicing in Your Savior and Loving Him More Every Day

In HIS Grip, 


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