Missing the Point of CHRISTmas

My parents divorced when I was one. I spent my childhood alternating holidays between my mother and father. In my younger years both homes made the most of the Christmas season. As I got older my father became a single man once again after divorcing yet another stepmother. The Christmas flame seemed to be diminishing in his heart and so if us kids wanted a festive atmosphere, it was up to us to create it. 

Is the point of CHRISTmas missing in your home?
And so my little brother and I would drag out the boxes of meager decorations and get to work making the house come alive with the spirit of Christmas. 

The decorations were nice. It felt somewhat right...somewhat. There was always an element missing. It wasn't until I was 15 that I realized what that element was...I was missing the whole point of Christmas. I was missing that babe in the manger. I was missing the Son who stepped down from Heaven. The child who would grow into a man. Sinless, spotless, whiter than a December snowflake. 

In February of 1997 I found that Spotless Lamb. I surrendered my life to Him. I accepted that He took all my sins. My snowflake was now white too. The next Christmas felt different. The decorations were still the same. The house looked festive and bright. My heart was not the same though. 

That Christmas instead of rushing out of bed to tear into presents I opened up the Bible. I read the Story. Not only did I read the story, I read it to my family. 

Reading Luke chapter 2 became my tradition. Every year before anyone rips the first piece of wrapping paper, the Bible gets opened. It helps to take away a bit of the commercialism and remind us all that we give gifts as a symbol of something more. 

A symbol of the greatest gift of all. The gift of a Perfect Lamb.

First and foremost I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Secondly, I am wife to Josh, a wonderful, Godly husband whom loves me far more than I ever dreamed possible. Next, I am mother to five adorable gifts from above, Micaela, Joshua and Bubba, Lydia, and Emily. We live in the sun-shiny state of Florida with a multitude of animals. I am a stay at home wife and mother. I fill my day with keeping our home and blogging. You can find me at Narrow Way Wife

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  1. This is simple and true and beautiful. We've read the story to each other and our kids at some point Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but I love the idea of unwrapping the most perfect gift of all before we unwrap the rest on Christmas morning. :)


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