Looking Past Me This CHRISTmas

I am super excited to share with you our family's "secret" at how we plan to put Christ at the forefront of CHRISTmas. 

When I was a child I remember being SO excited to get the JcPenney Wish Book (do they even still have that?) or the Toy's R Us Holiday book filled with all sorts of new toys that I "had to have" but would never play with. It created a heart in me that was always wanting something more, never content with the thousands of toys I already had. It was fun, but just like any sin it left me empty and always in search of something more. Sorry if that sounds dramatic, it's just the truth. 

Don't get me wrong. My children still get way more than they need at Christmas. I just don't want them to have a heart that thinks they're entitled to anything or that teaches ungratefulness for what they already have. I really pray to guard against that. 

Here's what we do. I look for opportunities all year long to teach them about children around the world that are without parents, doctors, meals, water, clothes and toys. Careful not to guilt them, just to educate them. 

We have 3 ministries that are close to our hearts and we do what we can to help. When we can. 

We help sponsor a young girl through Make Way Partners (I've linked this to one of the stories that initially melted my heart for this ministry.) We bring her picture down from the fridge and talk to the children about her. 

Bethany Kids is another one of our favorite ministries we support. They are teaching the gospel and being vessels of Christ to heal the sick to lead people to Christ by the thousands (no exaggeration).

They are constantly needing support to train and send out disciple-makers for the new believers. I could talk for hours about my heart for these ministries. My favorite part is that their Doctors are all amazing Doctors who had promising careers in the U.S. They knew Christ was calling them to sell all they had, leave all they knew and go to a foreign country and heal those without hope and to minister the message of Christ.

But here's what we're doing with the kids this year. It's the coolest thing and they have gotten so excited over it. They get excited over this the same way I used to get excited over the Wish Book! It's the Samaritans Purse Gift Guide it's online but you can also order a free one, I ordered 2 this year. One for me and one for the kids. 

Dear Family: If you read this I am sorry to spoil your gifting surprise. Spoiler Alert! :)

They are so excited to buy baby chicks in honor of their Mama Dot (Great Grandmother) because they think Mama Dot would think they're cute and she likes to make them eggs. They are wanting chicks for their Pappy (Grandfather) too because their Pappy raises chickens and he likes them. (Their words :)) 

Because their Grandmother is a teacher's assistant in 4-K they want to help teach children how to read and write in her honor.

Because their Mama Betty wants children to know Jesus they want to "Help Children Become Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ" in her honor. 

Because their Aunt loves children and is studying to go into foreign missions they are helping to train and fund missionaries in her honor. 

I could go on and on, but it thrills me to tears to see my children grabbing this book and yelling with excitement over the baby Chicks or the teacher or the Donkey's and how they can help other children around the world and thinking of reason's why their family would like each one. I am also going to encourage my son to pick something out from him to his sister and vice-versa!

Bethany Kids also has things broken down that you can donate to an immediate need of your choice. You can contact them at this number 1-800-469-1512 or (864)-704-7475 to find out more. We plan to donate to them in honor of other family members this Christmas.

I am excited about this tradition being a part of our families CHRISTmas! I encourage you to check out each one and I pray that God will melt your heart towards them the way He has melted ours!

I am so honored to be over here today. I am just loving this series and I adore Ann! I am a wife to a student minister and a stay at home mommy of a 4yr old named Jaxson and a 2 year old named Paitlyn.  We also have a 14yr old foster daughter.  My everyday life is a hoot, I'm rather biased that way, but it would probably be considered ordinary to anyone other than myself. :) I love my every day life but more than anything I LOVE my EXTRAordinary GOD to whom I aim to spend my every breath honoring and serving Him with the life He has given me and I write about all of it over at Beautiful Mommy Feet.  You can also find me on Facebook Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope to get to know you better!
HIS Clay~


  1. Love this!!! I also remember browsing...er...circling EVERY TOY in the JCP catalog when I was little. haha. You're so right...at the end of the day, those are empty things. I also want my children to learn that the heart of Christmas is Jesus and celebrating Him. Our girls are still super little, but hubby and I have been discussing ways we can "give" instead of "receive". Thank you for these ideas! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing and thanks for linking up!

  3. Love This. One of our favourite ministries to support is Gospel for Asia...cause 100% of funds goes directly to GFA.

    Will check out your links as well.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. I had heard of Bethany Kids but never actually knew what it was. It sounds like a wonderful ministry and one that I am going to talk to my husband to look into. Thank you for sharing!


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