Our Love Story Part 3

So I forgot about him. I in turn ignored him and stopped talking to him. But for some reason, every time I WAS around him, (I went to church and college with him remember!) I was VERY aware of his presence. 

Months passed. Yes, months. I decided to forgive him. He obviously wasn't interested and therefore, I wasn't interested in him either. So I asked him if he would help me and be a sponsor for a youth all-nighter I was helping put together. He said "Sure!" Needless to say he called me the DAY OF the event and canceled on me.  (He had a really good reason which I found out later!) Then I was REALLY finished with the guy. 

Time passed and in March I found out that the school had changed some requirements for graduating and somehow I missed the memo and I had to complete 6 separate occasions of evangelism within my local church.  Since it was March I was in trouble - graduation was in a couple of months! So I talked to my pastor in charge of things like that and he invited me to join him and another college student who had also missed the memo about the requirement. Guess who. Yup. Sam. 

This Pastor was a wonderful godly man who I respect completely and apparently had been bugging Sam for quite a while to consider me as a potential wife. Unbeknownst to me, Pastor decided to use this opportunity and he PLANTED me alongside Sam to do door-to-door witnessing for 6 different days. If there is ANYTHING that can make you become fast friends, it's door-to-door witnessing. Trust me, witnessing to strangers was not anywhere NEAR my comfort zone and it was the same way for Sam. But we plodded along and knocked on doors and played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would talk to the next one. We ran away from dogs and ran away from people not wearing anything. It was a complete, insane bonding experience every time we went out together. 

But I was still not interested in letting this man come anywhere NEAR my heart. I had opened that door a little bit and he slammed it shut so there was NO way I was going to think anything more than a "just friends" relationship with Sam. 

To be Continued. . . 

In HIS Grip, 
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  1. Great story! I can't wait to read the rest of your story!! God bless!

    I found you on www.deeprootsathome.com.

  2. I love a good LOVE story!! Thank you for sharing all the feelings and thoughts...I can't wait to hear 'the rest of the story'! I also didn't know you had a link-up! I will try to make it. what day of the week is it? I will look again! Blessings to Sam and your household,
    Love, J


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