DIY Taggie Crinkly Blankie Tutorial

My daughter loves crackly bags. I mean LOVES them. I would let her play with them in a pinch for entertainment but I was always afraid of her hurting herself or digesting strange substances or something. 

So I came up with this! 
A Taggie Crinkly Blankie! 

I used a Hershey's kisses and a butterscotch chip bag and cut the rough edges off. 
Then my fabric I wanted to use was too thin so I cut out 4 10 inch squares 2 of white for the inside and 2 of pink for the outside. 

I sewed them together somewhat like a pillow but in the corners, I added a little scrap of ribbon folded over to make the "tags." 

I turned the whole thing right side out.
I left about 3 inches on one side open so I could stick the bags inside then smooth them out on the inside of the "pillow/blankie" 

To keep the bags in place so it could be washed, I sewed an X through the whole thing then along the sides which also sewed my hole shut at the same time. 

Emily LOVED it! I'm really glad that I added the ribbons because she probably wouldn't have figured out the crinkly aspect without them. Oh and guess what! One side smells like chocolate and the other of butterscotch! Gotta start my little girl out right!! :0)

The only thing is, you do not want to throw this in the dryer - I don't know if it would melt the plastic inside or not, but I don't want to find out! 

By the way, this is actually her Christmas present but that's the beauty of babies, you can give them their presents more than once and it's still just as exciting! 

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  1. What a great idea! I love the shot of Emily smiling right at the camera with her blankie ~ she is sooo cute!! :)

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you so much! I'm totally doing this for my little guy.
    Thanks Ann! and Happy Thanksgiving to the whole clan.

  3. thanks for sharing! i always wondered how to make stuff crinkly...part of my son's playmat had crinkly stuff in it and he loved it. i have a nephew due any day now, this might be something i'll tackle. :o)

  4. What an amazing idea! I remember when my daughter was little she loved this ball that was crackly! This is perfect and I love how you made it yourself...I just started to learn how to sew, will remember this idea when we have another little one!! :) Thanks for sharing and your daughter is beautiul!

  5. Ann, you are a genius!! I would have never thought of that, but that's why I read you!!! I am in LOVE with your little cutie girl :0 What great pictures!
    We just returned from our Thanksgiving with family and friends, and I admit I have been off the blog for a while and not visited many of my blogging friends yet. You are one of those that I just LOVE to read ~ I am always blessed or learn something which enriches me. I do hope you keep adding to the link-up!! You encourage so many.

  6. I plan to sew one of these for a new grandbaby due in the spring. When I opened up a refill pack of baby wipes for my older grandbabies, discovered that plastic wrapper should be just perfect for the crinkly.

    Thank you for the good idea


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