Birthday Gifts to Jesus Series

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love Thanksgiving - it is the perfect holiday to set off the season with an attitude of gratefulness. The day after Thanksgiving while you are out facing the mobs or enjoying some internet shopping sales, would you consider with me what Birthday gifts you are going to be giving to Jesus?

You may think that this is somewhat ridiculous. I mean how in the world do you wrap up a gift and send it to Him? Well you can't! But material things are not on Jesus' CHRISTmas list. 

To find out what IS on His CHRISTmas list, you will have to do some digging in His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to prompt you of what Jesus wants from YOU! It won't be long before you find something He wants from you!

CHRISTmas is a special time and it's special to God too! It's a celebration of the time when He sent His Son away from His side and down to earth as a gift to His special creation. It was the ultimate God-sacrifice, the ultimate God-gift. 

We can never say thank you enough to God for what He has done for us! It's impossible! But what IS possible is making CHRISTmas a time to give special attention to Him in our family traditions. 

Now I know that whether you realize it or not, we ALL have CHRISTmas traditions! Most likely some of them point our families to Christ for the season, but is THAT the reason you do them? Or is it because it's fun and you've always done it? Just so you know, I will not be throwing Santa Claus's everywhere into the street or banning Jingle Bells. This series is about Christ and CHRISTmas traditions that you can start - what you do with the rest is up to you! 

I have asked some AMAZING guest contributors (See below for a complete listing!) to share their family traditions that have pointed their families toward Christ for CHRISTmas. Let me tell you! I am HUMBLED by these ladies! They have some amazing ideas some of which I will be incorporating this CHRISTmas because they are so simple and easy, but have profound significance! 

It is my hope and my prayer that through the next few weeks, you will take these ideas and make them your own new traditions of giving Jesus a Birthday Gift. The important thing here is not that you will follow these ideas (although you may!), but that Jesus will be given a gift of thankfulness from the heart in your own home. 

On CHRISTmas Eve, CHRISTmas Day and the day after CHRISTmas,  we will be having a HUGE link-up party so you can demonstrate how you or your family gave a Birthday Gift to Jesus for CHRISTmas, so make sure to come and join up!

Make sure to check out the list of contributors below!

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  1. I'm so looking forward to this!! Happy Thanksgiving, Ann! xo

  2. Love that video! Wow. Looking forward to the series!

  3. That video was just too funny! But thats how alot of Cmas probably look to Him!

    Excited to be joining!

  4. Ann, I have been gone so much that I don't think I will be able to contribute, but i will go to several and have a time to read them :) Right now with things going on with my mom, I must rest for the next trip up to help there. Thank you for sponsoring this for us as we focus on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!! He truly is the Reason for the season!!


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